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Yo, Listen up. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Critiques. Give them to me yo, or else I'll cry.

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Some artwork that I've found and liked. It's a good thing that I have, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing them now


dianna faer by CReevesABudd

Firstly, I'd like to note that I'm not the Most unbiased of Critique-ers. I have a Deep love for mythology, and Atop of that, Fae image...

blblblblb by FizTheAncient



Annnnnd back to not being on dA. Shit ain't worth it. 90% of you suck at Roleplay, 5% are decent but never feel like it and 5% are decent, but absolute cunts. So yeah.
Name: Souzou Tentouhire

Title: Forgotten Master

Gender: Male

Species: Human
Age: 67

Occupation: Marine (Retired)


Rank: Shōshō (Retired)

Tentouhire is a rather willowy wisp of a man, generally found leaning on his cane slightly as he walks through wherever it is that he's ended up. His face is wizened with age, and his hair is long, tied back, and wispy, white as a cloud, although stained at the roots from a lifelong addiction to cigarettes. His eyes, however, are clear and strong, as blue as the morning skies over Marineford, and bearing the intensity of a man determined to make his dreams come true.  Rather than hold close the trappings of his former rank, Tentouhire, instead, tends to dress casually, if datedly, his clothing usually a brightly-colored floral-print Hakama and a wide-brimmed Coolie that seems to serve as little more than protection from the sun itself.

This old man, he played one, he played knick-knack on his drum. Seriously though, Tentouhire's personality is a simple one. While he was a Marine, he had to be hard, cold and serious at all times.  Now that he's retired and exploring the world, he's enjoying the time of his life and is mostly silly, funny, and well-meaning.  

Weapon: The thing about Tentouhire and weapons? He's a Smith, and even though he's retired from official naval duties, he still practices his art. Decades of making swords has made him an expert swordsman himself, however if you made him choose one weapon? It would be his Forging Hammers, "Dageki" and "Magarime"

Devil Fruit Name: "Devil Fruit? Those things look nasty, I'd rather eat a good plate of Sashimi and knock it back with a nice, smooth Sake"

Strengths: Despite his age, Tentouhire's still a strong man, and if his Hakama were to be removed, one would be able to see Decades worth of knotted muscles, battle scars, et Cetera.  His strongest point would be his upper body, and the fact that he's familiar with so many weapons.  

Weaknesses: Being elderly, his bones are more brittle than a younger man's, and his body tires easily, making fighting a chore he'd rather not deal with.

0-16: Born, went to school, Trained under his Village's Blacksmith, Enlisted in the Marines.
17-25: Completed Basic Training, Stationed in the East Blue as a Seaman and the Base's Blacksmith, began to work on custom sword orders for other Marines, as well as creating a fairly large amount of basic blades.

25-36: Continued to rise in rank and fame within Marines and Navy, Supplying blades of a high quality to Officers who sent Requisitions from as far away as Sabondy and Marineford.

37-50: Given command of a ship for a Brief tour of Duty, a simple patrol. Captured Five pirates, sinking their ships before heading back to port to continue his work, Awarded rank of Rear Admiral before retirement.

50-: Retired, roaming the world freely, using his nest egg to see the sights, and continuing to make Blades of all sorts, as commissioned.

Extra:  Due to his prolonged exposure to high-grade blades and materials, Tentouhire's capable of identifying a sword's grade, materials, and how best to improve said sword, simply by using it for about an hour.

Due to his intense Training, Tentouhire can make swords rapidly, making B and C class blades in a day, or half a day, respectively.

The Checklist

This new portion has been added to the character sheet in order to make checking a character much simpler for the administrators and to make it much less likely for mistakes to be made. Many of the]items below require administrative approval before they can be passed. Just mark them yes or no, and if yes, describe what it is they have.

Has a Devil Fruit: N
Has Haki: Unknown, Probably not
Has a Legendary Item: N
Has Steel-Cutting Ability: Y, as a Swordsman and Swordsmith, he can find Fracturepoints in a piece of steel with relative skill and efficiency.
Name: Kin Shinju

Title: Wastebin ShinKin

Gender: Female

Species: Hyuuman

Age: 34

Occupation: Revolutionary Operative

Crew: N/A

Rank: Ops

   Shinju's entire being is...well Filthy, The first thing anyone encountering her would notice would be the scent. Imagine three-week old socks, tossed in a bag of month-old ranch dressing and blended with Tequila.  That sort of stench wafts around Shinju's form constantly, a result of bathing, perhaps, once a year, if not less often, depending on how many people can surround her and force her into a bath.  Her appearance is...well, atrocious. If the smell was bad, her clothing is worse, torn and ripped, frayed and dragging about, little more than rags and plastic bags tossed together into a barely-coherent, barely-covering affront to the general idea of fashion.  Similarly, her hair is enough of a rat's nest to send any decent stylist into conniptions, especially since her pet, a brown furred rat, makes it's home there.  At least we think it's her pet, not entirely sure to be honest...

    If one could only use a single word to describe Shinju, it would probably be lazy. If they could use more words, things like "Asinine, slacker, shithead, ruffian, bitch, stubborn, Neanderthal and plenty of other vivid, descriptive terms would fly around.  In short, she's disagreeably inert at most times.

    Shinju carries two things that could arguably be called... "Weapons." First is her unnamed...Naginata...kinda. It's actually just a Katana tied to a stick and glued in place. Pretty easy to replace if it breaks.  The other is a rather oversized trashcan lid that she wears upon her back, and uses as a large shield.

Devil Fruit Name: Aka Aka no Mie - Filth Filth Fruit

Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Description:
    The Aka Aka no Mie is a Melon-shaped fruit that seems to ooze a honeylike substance from it's thick rind. Consuming the fruit will instantly spoil it, as well as grant the consumer the powers that the Devil Fruit provides.  The Aka Aka no Mie, being a Paramecia type fruit, does not allow the user to change their shape, or form into anything special, however it does allow the user to exude a disgusting...filth from every pore and orifice.  This substance is a thick, gooey, brownish-greenish-purplish liquid that isn't toxic in any way, and contains no venoms or other volatile substances.  What it does do, however, is stink, and stick, and generally, taste pretty bad, it's not recommended to let it get into your mouth, or to spit it, cuz you'll taste it too and this stuff is NASTY.  If you thought Shinju smelled bad? This stuff is on a whole other level of GRODY.

Strengths:  Ranged deterrent (Stench, Fruit abilities favor ranged combat), Size (Shinju is approximately 7' 9" tall and weighs around 270 pounds)

Weaknesses: Shinju refuses to put in anything more than the minimum amount of effort into combat...or anything really, she gives up and gets bored easily and is well-known to simply wander off mid-conversation or mid-battle.  She's also pretty averse to water (Running and not) and holds a special distaste for Soap and soaplike products. Also, she works alone. No one else can really stand her long enough to work with her.



The Checklist

This new portion has been added to the character sheet in order to make checking a character much simpler for the administrators and to make it much less likely for mistakes to be made. Many of the]items below require administrative approval before they can be passed. Just mark them yes or no, and if yes, describe what it is they have.

Has a Devil Fruit: Y, Aka Aka no Mie - Filth Filth Fruit
Has Haki: N
Has a Legendary Item: N
Has Steel-Cutting Ability: N
Has Taken a Bath in the past Month: N
Name: Yū

Title: None other than Assigned Prison ID

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 6

Occupation: Child, Former Prisoner
Crew: N/A

Rank: N/A

Appearance: Yū stands at slightly under average height and weight for his age, as a result of being a prisoner. Since his 'escape' he hasn't changed his clothing, having no reason to, or money with which to do so, and therefore wears his Striped Prisoner's uniform, with a blackout mask on his forehead, which used to cover his eyes.  On the subject of his eyes, they are a pale green color, and his hair is a slightly-bleached out blonde color, in a fairly long cut, due to not having access to any sort of haircutting services.

Personality: Yū is quiet, composed, and more than a little creepy with how little he talks. He's friendly enough, however, and very clingy when it comes to people who show him kindness.

Weapon: None

Devil Fruit Name: Inin Inin no Mie - Trust Trust Fruit

Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Description:
Any person who consumes the Inin Inin no Mie becomes a "Trusted-man", someone who's mere presence seems to inspire trust and belief in what they say. Someone who's eaten the fruit constantly produces a faint pheromone that makes them seem more trustworthy, and their eyes become capable of causing near-immediate trust in their person.  Because of the disastrous ways in which this fruit could be used, it's consumer is considered a Threat to World Security and is treated accordingly.

Strengths: Innocuous appearance, small size, good at hiding.

Weaknesses: Yū is Six. He's a child. Anyone with any sort of strength or ability can probably flat-out kill him with ease.  Also, the Inin Inin's effects are fairly conditional. If just the Pheromones are being used to exert influence, stronger scents will easily overpower them, and a gentle breeze dissolves the effects, instantly throwing him into suspicion, if he's been less than honest with whomever he was currently being 'trusted' by.  Similarly, the Eye-contact portion of the Fruit's powers wears off, at a slower rate than that of the Pheromone version, but without maintained eye contact, the trust that the recipient of the power felt will quickly fade and become a sense of paranoia around Yu

Yū was born on a small island of simple people who had dreams of a normal life. Dreams that were shattered when Yū mistakenly took the first bite of a fruit at the ripe age of 2, instantly spoiling the fruit for the rest of the village, and gathering the World Government's attention.  Within a week an entire fleet had surrounded the island, and Yū was taken without a fight, imprisoned immediately, left to rot in a cell on the lowest levels of Impel Down, his life prolonged by need, lest the fruit make it's way back out into the world once again.

When Impel Down was Assaulted/Attacked/Broken out of, Yu managed to escape in the chaos.


The Checklist

Has a Devil Fruit: Yup, Inin Inin no mie
Has Haki: Nope
Has a Legendary Item: Nope
Has Steel-Cutting Ability: Nope
Up your ass, you nosy little shits.

I'm still lurking, Just busy with work!
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