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Emma Colors By EclipseDarkmaster :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 1 0 MoonbeamStarshine :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 0
Name: Locila Angela Mer
Name: Locila Angela Mer
Nickname/Aliases: Angel, Miss Mer, Loci
Race: Ghostling
Birth place: Coruscant
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 75 lbs
Glowing, Ethereally so.  Literally, Locila's Skin glows before the eyes of those who gaze upon her.  With a tanned look about it, one could almost see the shimmering of her flesh.  Stud that with a pair of deep, soulfully-black eyes and long pale-green hair that curls around her face, actually floating with the slightest breeze, giving her that wonderfully wind-blown look.  Not to say that her hair is anywhere close to shoulder Length.  In over 15 years, she's not been to a hairdresser, so it's length is closer to her ankles, when it's not held back gently with a bit of silken ribbon.
Depending, on what she's doing, too, her appearance can change.  On Stage, before a Camera, either for Modeling shoots or for interviews on the Holonet, then uses a combination of professionally-applied makeup i
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 2
Aelrith Doreen Rilsa Damont
Name: Aelrith Doreen Rilsa Damont
Gender: Female
Age: 11
House: Ravenclaw
Aelrith is a raven-haired youth, standing Just over four feet in height, with a fairly petite build that makes her look slight, especially compared to most of the other students.  Aelrith doesn't dress in a fancy way or manner, preferring an almost...messy appearance.  Calf-high socks bunched around her ankles while she's wearing shoes, cloak askew on her shoulders, walking with a bit of a slouch, normally with her nose buried in some dusty tome or other.  Behind the usual book, however, thin-rimmed Pince-nez frame her eyes, making the lavender hues of her irises huge in comparison to her face, accented by the mere button of a nose that she has as well.  
Aelrith is a quiet type of person, not loudly outspoken, not quick to get emotional.  She prefers to take a logical approach to most things in her life, dissecting sentences in her head, choosing her own words carefully.  In classes, she
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 2
Name: Eae-EcEeeEe (Translates
Name:  Eae-EcEeeEe (Translates roughly into Quick in the Fin in Basic)
Codename/Nickname: Shockwave/Eaec (pronounced Eee-c)
Race/Species: Duor
Place of Birth: Arrakan
Current Age: 19
Gender: Male
Length: 12'
Weight: 1,050 lbs
Eaec is a Fully-grown, adult male Duor, an Aquatic race of sentient Delphinoids.  His skin is thick and rubbery, protecting against cold water, and a light-grey color at his Pectoral region, growing to a darker grey color above his Pectoral fins and across to the other side over the top.  This provides a sort of natural camouflage in the water he calls home.  Atop of his body, along the centerline, there is a Blowhole, used for Rapid breathing when surfaced followed directly by a long dorsal fin.  He has Distinct black eyes set on either side of his head, giving him very good vision in the murky deep.
Normally, being of an Animalistic build, Eaec doesn't wear much in the way of clothing.  However when going on a mission or into battle, he wea
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 0
Doctor Vinna Seng Aurell
Name: Doctor Vinna Seng Aurellia
Race/Species: Atoan
Place of Birth: Atoa
Current Age: 37
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130
As a Whole, Atoans tend to look just like a normal, baseline Human externally, of the Asian racial subset, with the almond-shaped eyes and a propensity towards darker hair and slightly olive-shaded skintones being prevalent.  In most of these counts, Vinna Seng Aurellia is completely true to her race.  The differences that exist however, do much to separate her from her kinsmen.  Vinna has kept her hair dyed completely white since the day she graduated, creating an appearance of a far paler skintone than she really has...not that it would matter.  Every year, save for those she spent in prison, Vinna spent money getting her entire body tattooed, from foot to neck, the only part of skin that's clear being left at her face.  She wears a pair of Pince-nez around her neck, to assist when she's reading, but even without them framing h
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 1 0
#ELA CharacterFull Name: Vorh
#ELA Character
Full Name: Vorh Ukht
Nickname: Deedee
Race: Visibly, Vorh appears to be of Middle-eastern descent, with specific traits pointing towards Arabic, noted in her facial features, as well as Bone structure.
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Vorh is a slender, somewhat tall girl, who dresses in an odd mixture of clothing, each shoe different every day, her pants seeming to have been stitched together from two separate pairs, and her shirt carrying the same odd affliction.  Those who have seen her using her magic would understand the reasons for this, but to anyone who were to just...see her one day, she would look like some sort of Natural disaster hit a Clothing boutique, with her inside.  The sole exception to this is her hat.  Vorh never removes her hat, and for good reason. It is an excellent hat.  Based around a stovepipe design, the hat is embroidered around the band, the designs of stars following through it's silky midnight-blue silk fabric, s
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 0
Orrrn #JO
Name: Orrrn Rissith
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Epithet: Orrrn the Softspoken
Race/Species: Sylphe-Human Crossbreed
Place of Birth: Sylvia IV
Current Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 1.6 Meters
Weight: 52.24 kg
Orrrn is a Male Interbred Sylphe/Human, with Sylphe being the mainly dominant genotypes within his genetic code. As such, he displays commonly plant-like attributes, while possessing a paler skin tone, more humanoid hair and a higher resiliency to Arid climates.
Instead of possessing a bright green skintone, his body is a more muted series of pale greens and soft tans, giving his color an almost...camouflage visual effect.  Where Sylphe have floral hair atop of their head, Orrrn's own is a straight, Russet-brown, Dotted with the occasional floral protrusion, which when blossomed, allow him to use Pheromones to communicate with receptive species. While he possesses the ability to communicate through the complex linguistic patterns of Scents, he is also capable, thanks to his huma
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 1 0
Silene Stellata
Name: Silene Stellata
Race: Zelosian
Age: 26
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 134lbs
The Zelosian people are a Near-Human species that are somehow related to a Floral lifeform.  As such, their bodies resemble plants in a few ways.  One such way is their blood.  If you were to cut Silene in a way that would cause bleeding, the automatic tell that she's not Human would be the Bright green, viscous, blood, a saplike form of Chlorophyll.  Another sign, while not as obvious, is her eyes.  Some humans and near-humans have green eyes, this is true, however, not as many have them to the same extent as a Zelosian.  Instead of her irises being a simple shade of green, they are a deep Jade tone, bright and brilliant.  So too, her Sclera are tinged, not a true white, but containing a light green hue to their colors, coming from th
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 2 11
Mature content
Hollow :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 1 3
Winter Wondertwins :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 3 4
Mature content
Eat a Phallus-stuffed bowl :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 1 1
Moonbeam Starshine :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 2 4 PonyTattooGet :iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 25 48
Kiha Aurolis
Name: Kiha Mi'shan Aurolis
Nickname: Kiki
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Home Planet: Zeltros
Current Residence: Jedi Temple
Species: 1/2 Zeltron
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118lbs
Appearance: From beneath the hood of her White apprentice's robe, her eyes can be seen with a clarity that comes only with purity and innocence, bright with the Love of life that has been instilled within her very being by her time spent as a Jedi trainee and apprentice. Her hair a a shade of red that seems to glow atop her porcelain skin, offset by an immense smile.  Slender and somewhat short, in comparison to other girls her age, Kiha's form is nonetheless rather lithe and toned beneath the robes, belying a life spent doing far more than simply studying.  
Weapons: Single, Shoto, Lightsaber. Unadorned, simple hilt. 6" blade of a deep cerulean color, with a slightly pearlescent sheen to it.
Relationship Status: None
Mother: Fey'ra Kiin (Zeltron Female)
Father: Kirk Aurolis (Human Male)
The Twi
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 0
PFC Ellemaiare Redja
Faction: Republic
Department: Special Operations
Rank: PFC
Name: Ellemaiare Redja
Race: Devaronian
Age: 22
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Ellemaiare has Shaved most of her hair in an effect to Keep her Femininity while at the same time having the composure of a Soldier. The smaller darker spots on her face are similar to Freckles, while the Larger circular discolorations on her forehead are the Vestiges of the Horns that Males of her species still possess. Her eyes are a Light Blue-Grey
Traditional Formal Dress:
This is the Traditional Dress of the Region of Devaron where Ellemaiare was born. This Style of Clothing is used during Festivals, Celebrations and for weddings, in which the Design is usually Much more Extravagant.
Usually, Ellemaiare wears something Comfy, not caring about Fashion and Detesting Form-Fitting clothing. When not in BDUs, she can often be found in Sweats and an old shirt.
Birth place: Devaron
:iconeclipsedarkmaster:EclipseDarkmaster 0 0
Yo, Listen up. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Critiques. Give them to me yo, or else I'll cry.

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